Monday, 20 August 2012

Fitness Training - Your Solution to Weight Loss

Obesity has perhaps become one of the most dreaded words of the present generation as majority of the people are facing its adversities. The hectic schedule and errant eating habits have resulted in immense weight gain of the individuals. People are trying to find out ways through which they can lose weight easily. Starting from offices to schools and colleges, emphasis is being given on exercising. There are many forms of exercise and training which can help in effective weight loss. Fitness training is one such way of exercising which can reduce weight considerably. But it is rigorous and needs to be practiced under the guidance of good trainers so that proper routine is followed.

Losing weight and building up stamina both can be done with fitness training programs. Fitness training exercises are of different types. However, the primary focus is on weight loss. While choosing the training type, you should go for the one which suits your specifications. Several corporate health programs have also started out with fitness training to keep their employees healthy and fit. Obese employees run the risk of many diseases like heart problems, diabetes, and many more, which in turn affects their performance. So, incorporating fitness training in corporate health programs can benefit the organization in the long run.

Types of Fitness Training

1. Resistance training

Also known as strength training or weight training, it requires resistance to the contraction of muscles. This helps in increasing endurance of the body and eventually in weight loss. The resistance has to be given against the gravity or any other pressure. This training also requires lifting of weight without stopping. To get the desired result it is essential to start with light weights and gradually move to the heavier ones. With proper weight lifting training, you will be able to see a considerable change in your weight. In fact, the time duration of your weight lifting will also increase.

2. Continuous training

Continuous training is apt for those who want to tone their muscles. This type of fitness training is generally good for sports person. Cardio vascular exercises are mainly practised in this training regime. They can also assist in weight loss.

3. Interval training

This type of training is generally used by coaches of football teams. Professional runners also get involved in these types of training. Interval training uses short fits of fat reducing trainings, followed by periodic rests. This training method is really beneficial for fat loss.
Thus, fitness training can be immensely helpful for weight reduction for athletes and other working professionals. Check out for further information on fitness training.

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