Thursday, 14 March 2013

How to Provide Fitness Training to Clients Suffering from Knee Pain?

If you are a personal trainer and have been providing fitness training to clients for some years now, you might have come across people with different health issues. Different individuals have different problems. Have you ever come across people with knee pain? If yes, you have the required knowledge. If no, it is essential to know how you can deal with such clients. In this blog post, we have provided some of the points that you need to follow while dealing with such customers. If you want to know, read on.

Contact Physiotherapist of the Individual: Have the proper guidance. Know about the clients’ knee condition and then proceed with your training regime. Only when you are confident and get a green signal from the physiotherapist, start training the customer.

Increase your Know how: When you are into fitness training, it is essential that you keep your basics clear. Learn in details about the different knee problems. There are many reasons which can cause knee pain, some of them include ligament damage, arthritis, muscle tear within the knee joint, etc. When you are clear about the cause of the pain, you can understand whether working out will help your client deal with the pain or it will aggravate the problem.

Train Lightly: After you have a complete idea about the problem and see that exercise can help the individuals, you can start with light training. You can give lower body exercises which are lightweight and do not put excessive pressure on the knees. Instead of using treadmill you can encourage them to use low impact cardio equipment.

These are some of the steps which you need to follow in order to provide fitness training to clients with bad knees. Follow the right technique and you can help your customers to overcome their knee pain. 

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