Friday, 26 April 2013

Kettle Bells Training - An Overview

Are you into strength training? Do you use kettle bells in your exercise routine? If you haven’t yet started using this helpful equipment, you are lagging behind. If you are working under a personal trainer in North Shore, Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia, you can ask him/her to train you with this tool.

You can get a full workout of your body and also target particular muscle group if you like. So it cannot only be used for strength training, but also for overall workout. In this blog post we will provide you an overview on kettle bells training.

•    Handling of the Tool

Your trainer will first guide you how to handle the tool so that you can work out with it. He/she will give more importance on the sensory changes. Your instructor will show how you can hold the horns and understand the feel and weight of the device. He/ she will also show you how to lift the tool from the floor without hurting your legs. You will learn how you can come to a gentle stop after you perform a swing with the kettle bell.

•    The Swing

After you have learnt how to handle the device, your personal trainer in North Shore, Brisbane or in any other city in Australia will teach you the basic move-the swing.  Your body alignment and balance will improve with this move. When you perform this exercise, your core muscles and hip joints are worked upon and your grip potency will improve significantly.

•    Other Exercises

Once you have mastered the basic move, you can now get trained in more advanced exercises like squats, chest presses, side bends and the like. Make sure you are well hydrated before and after the exercise and maintain proper protein intake.

So, hire a good personal trainer in North Shore, Gold Coast or anywhere else in Australia and get proper kettle bells training.

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