Thursday, 31 July 2014

Outdoor Training Scores Over Indoor Workouts

Many prefer to exercise in open area instead of a closed gym. Outdoor fitness training has many advantages over indoor workouts. The workout is not only beneficial for physical health but also mental health.

Why should you opt for outdoor training over indoor workouts?

Exercise in fresh air

It is always better to exercise in fresh outdoor air instead of in a sweaty, musty gym. Air-conditioners and aromas may make air cooler and scented but they hardly improve the quality of air. On the other hand, fresh air outside is where you’ll get oxygen. This has positive effect on the internal organs of body apart from improving the mood. 

Benefits of sunshine

Sunlight is one of the best sources of Vitamin D. The nutrient helps in improving immunity and bone density. It is also known to prevent cancer. It also works wonders for emotional health. People suffering from depression and mood disorder feel lot better when exposed to sunshine. The best thing about sunlight is that it free. Yeah, all the best things in the world do not cost anything. 

Varied workout

A gym or fitness studio has limited space which means one can perform only limited set of exercises in the setting. But range of exercises can be increased when a workout is performed out of doors. Non traditional exercises can be included in the workout. These moves are intensive but one doesn’t feel the pain when exercising in the company of others in an open space. This is the reason boot camp and other outdoor fitness programs are more effective in lesser time.

Psychological benefits

Exercise is also useful for mental health. When the same set of exercises is performed outdoor, it yields better results for emotional health. It releases stress and alleviates anxiety. Exercisers experience greater sense of optimism.

Join an outdoor fitness training program in Lane Cove and become physically and mentally healthier.

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